The History of the Farmhouse Le Palaie

The Pallaje

"Le Palaie", formerly known as "The Pallaje" is currently a farm of Casentino valley.

Formerly known for the fragrant and precious dessert wine, "The Muscat of Subbiano", it was one of the most famous products of Casentino, "Le Palaie" is now the heart of a farm that produces olive oil, hospitality that has made its essence.

For those who love the history, nature, fresh scents of the countryside and rural traditions, the "Le Palaie" offers these possibilities.


The origins

A bit of history

In 1670, the third son of Benedetto Bruni, Domenico, inherited his father's farm of Pallaje and to decide to take a fixed residence, and started to extend the property to build their

homes and cleared land, cut them all the "paline" to start to cultivate the vine and the olive tree.

Since then, the Bruni family fix their roots and day after day, working,

turning to the present day has arrived.

Rita Bruni is the last family member to live in this house and this land.


The Historical Archive

The Historical Archive of the Farmhouse

Following these principles, the ancient manor a niche in stone gathers all the old business documents and a trail of 10 reading units are the historic route from 1670 until today, it is a of small archive family.

While the adjacent room, called 'Lo Strettoio', where it was stoke the white grapes Malvasia and Moscato, is the place for breakfast and for tasting of typical Tuscan dishes and the customers of which can stay in one of four apartments.

A page of history, a good glass of wine in good company with a specialty of Tuscany, surrounded by the peace and natural scents of the countryside and the wonderful view over the city of Arezzo and silence.


To the present day

The Farmhouse today

The apartments inside the oldest part of the villa is completely authentic in both their structure and materials, are four of all sizes, where the brick, wood and stone walls testify to their authenticity and originality of Tuscany structure.
The beautiful and comfortable furnishings, offering guests modern and ancient taste of past and present at the same time. A plunge into the historical past and a dip in the large and beautiful swimming pool complete the need and the desire to know the place, to savor it and offer fun and relax under the Tuscan sun of our beautiful Casentino or under the shade of ancient cypress trees.

Rita Bruni receives visitors, responds to the needs and demands, they are led historic path, proposes and suggests numerous initiatives.


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